Multi-tiered tight knot cedar deck
This deck is comprised of premium select tight knot cedar boards fastened to an all pressure treated framework by stainless steel screws. Shown is an upgraded cedar skirt board running the perimeter of the deck, covering all cut board ends, a diagonal running sunken center tier, and an ornate ballustrade of 2x2's and cedar lattice, all stained with a premium oil based stain/sealer.

Elevated Hot tub with privacy screen integrated into Duradeck system
Shown here is a fairly complete line of #1 or better strucural treated Duradeck installed in a creative deck.  Boards are fastened to an all pressure treated frame with Woodex coated fasteners, concrete deck pier blocks are poured in place, and a anti-weed membrane was applied to prevent weed growth through deck boards. Shown is an upgraded mitered perimeter board atop a continuous pair of skirt boards, and an elaborate privacy screen around the tub.  The hot tub itself in this deck is supported by a concrete slab, and is elevated approximately 12" so that new deck would have a minimal step into the new patio sliding glass door, while still allowing access to hot tub controls. Finally a pair of brushed aluminum rails were added to aid in entry/exit from the tub.

Three board top rail fence/oversized gate
Shown here is a premium cedar three rail top/two rail bottom fence and gate system. To secure a pair of gates spanning 11', the concrete had  to be cut and removed to accomodate the placement of the 6x6 pressure treated posts.  The gates are secured with drilled and anchored cane bolts, and the gates are latched together with a lockable latch. Shown without stain on new cedar.

Staggered cedar fence/gate system with black painted posts
This fence and associated gates offer a unique touch to an otherwise standard fence.  Shown is an offset board pattern with a three piece fence top rail, and a two piece fence bottom rail.  Gates are fastened and secured via drilled out cane bolts, and gates are latched by a lockable pull latch.  Shown is a coat of premium oil based stain over new cedar boards, which over time has darkened to a rich red/brown. 


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