Tile Floors, Backsplashes, and Countertops

Tile has always been a versatile and highly durable surface to use in kitchens,
baths, showers, entryways, and other high traffic frequently wet areas. At
GS Precision Construction Inc we have installed tile and associated concrete
fiber backerboards to many surfaces in many desings, only limited by
your and our imagination.  From simple square set floor tiles, to intricate designs
inlayed with small glass or cast tiles, sloped shower pans, inset shower displays, bench seats, functional kitchen backsplashes, wrapping old brick fireplaces, to beautiful granite tile countertops we've done it all.   Shown in the surrounding pictures are some of the different tile jobs that we have completed.   
Questions you may ask when considering tile may be things like:
What is the price of tile vs other types of flooring?
How will adding tile to the floor affect transitions into other existing floor coverings? What type of setting pattern should we use?  Advantages and disadvantages of natural stone tiles vs porcelain and ceramic?  How long will the whole process take?  What width of grout lines looks the best for different surfaces?  These questions and any others you may have, we'll happily answer for you during your initial consultation. 
So if your ready to take the next step give GS Precision Construction Inc a call!



Hardwood Flooring

New or existing, prefinished or site finished GS Precision Construction Inc
puts down all different species of available hardwood flooring.
Shown here at left is beautiful site finished (yet unstained) Brazillian Cherry
2 1/4" plank flooring.  Known for durability and it's natural variations in grain and color between sapwood and heartwood, Brazillian cherry is an excellent choice.  A three coat epoxy type clear finish is shown, which enhances and gives depth to this hardwood. 
Prefinished flooring is a great alternative to site finished in that it is more economical, quicker to install (because of no finish application time), and of course it looks great!  Shown at right is a durable factory applied finish atop a stained maple 4" plank floor.  Notice the picture at bottom right which depicts a mitered perimeter board around the hearth and perimeter.  Already have hardwood flooring in place and need it refinished?  GS Precision Construction Inc can refinish your exisiting floor with minimal dust using a Trio sander - collecting up to 99% of sanding dust!  Shown below in the center two pictures is a refinish job of some existing hickory flooring.



Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a popular, economical floor surface that has many
advantages - it can be installed over virtually any surface (other than carpet), shows minimal signs of wear, it's generally inexpensive to purchase and install compared to other floorings, and to a lot of people it's hard to discern wether or not it's real hardwood!  It is possible to install laminate in moisture prone areas, however we strongly emphasize quickly cleaning spills and excessive moisture to prevent joint swelling (we do not suggest installing laminate in a bathroom because of the inevitable prolonged contact with water), on the plus side though some manufacturers now offer moisture warranties. At GS Precision Construction Inc we've put down thousands of square feet of laminate flooring and associated pad from various manufacturers.
So if your interested in having a new, clean, economical floor installed, give us a call and see what we can do for you!


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